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Just like having a tailor make you a suit from scratch, enhance your project with bespoke music


Whether you need to orchestrate music for the big screen or you're a songwriter looking to take your music to the next level, I'm here for you


I make completely polished, mixed and ready to go sampled orchestral mockups for your project


Time is money, which is why a clean and organized piece of sheet music is vital for the session or rehearsal to flow

About Marcos Barilari


My name is Marcos Barilari and I'm a composer,

orchestrator based in Buenos Aires, ARG.


I specialize in the production of dense symphonic

arrangements and rich orchestrations.


Some of my credits include Disney,

the San Francisco Symphony, the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and the Moscow Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

Mark Siegel, TN


Music Producer | Musician

Hulu, NBC, MTV

"Always a perfect experience. Marcos can truly make your midi arrangements come to life. By far one of the best in the game!"

DeAnna Choi, NY



Carnegie Hall, Nat’l Geographic, Bdway Nat’l tour

"I could not have imagined a better experience than working with Marcos! The colors and textures he orchestrates create such a deep emotional response. He delivered above and beyond my expectations with his artistry and professionalism. He is definitely someone you want to work with again and again. His passion for the music and your project is what sets him apart -- truly a gem. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marcos! Thank you so much!!"

Wesley Hatch, NY


Film Director

We Bloom Studios

"Marcos was a pleasure to work. He understood the needs of the project immediately, was able to pivot and make alterations, and was all-around professional and courteous. His responses were prompt and clear.

The music he created for my short film is beautifully composed, delicately performed, and has elevated my short to a whole new level.

If you are looking for a talented musician and skilled composer, I highly recommend Marcos Barilari. I would definitely work with him again."



by Martín Kanenguiser

Diario LA NACION July 16, 2017

Jazz is approaching the little ones through the world of Disney, in the show Mickey Mousing, which combines cartoons with live music. The show seeks to recreate the animated cinema of the 20s and 30s of the last century, through a live score performance of a series of shorts with a band formed by clarinet, trumpet, alto saxophone, guitar, piano, bass, drums plus percussion and sound effects.Cartoons of the famous mouse of the 20s and 30s of the last century are the ones chosen for the show Mickey Mousing, which boys and adults can enjoy. Six shorts, in black and white, chosen from 74: "The interesting thing is that the shorts are scored with a very different aesthetic from that of the animations", says Barilari.

By Carlos Iogna Prat

TN La Viola July 14, 2017

A band that invites us to travel through time, to remember the first years of silent movies. Yes, there was a time when Mickey Mouse did not speak and was in black and white.

Mickey Mousing is a technique that is characterized by synchronizing the image with effects and live music. It is also the name of a band that allows us to discover an unknown sound world.

Barilari told La viola about the project: "Although aesthetically this seems like a representation of silent films, since the ensemble is here playing on projections, it is not conceptually. These shorts are typical of the sound cinema. All Mickey's success lies in the achievement of being able to record audio that is fully synchronized with an animation. That is to say that everything that was heard was recorded from the comfort of a studio, where there was the possibility of choosing between several shots; hence the musical complexity and accuracy. That same process, here is happening in real time without any postproduction. Beyond any comparison with these shorts, there are currently no shows that work with this concept in terms of level of audiovisual synchronism, that is to say that it is not a silent film show where the music that is executed merely accompanies incidentally , but it is music performed in the exact frame and with such an important role that the shorts could not be conceived as complete entities without the music."

Mickey Mousing


Mickey Mousing by Marcos Barilari
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